Make Sense of

InReturn Strategies is set up so you can understand the disabled as they
relate to your business, anywhere you do business. And, in turn, ensures
the service providers you need to connect with can best support your goals.

  • Search for skills, not disabilities
  • Proactively efficiently identify Partners & resources
  • Integrate results across operations
Easy to Use

InReturn Strategies offers a platform that is easy to use, with a familiar user interface. It's an everyday tool focused on supporting and integrating efforts internally and externally across your organization.

  • Fast implementation
  • Compliance friendly
  • Streamline communications
  • Program optimization
  • SaaS cloud-based platform
  • Proprietary search technology
  • Intelligent data capture
  • Industry-leading development
  • Scalable
  • Real-time ROI Analytics
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Easy-to-read dashboards
  • Powerful collaboration tools
First of its Kind

Our business model is a seismic paradigm shift. An AHA! moment immediately improving your business. Our marketplace will change the way you view and engage the disabled, both as employees and consumers. Forever.

What the solution looks like