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The Aptly Marketplace (our proprietary platform)
InReturn’s proprietary network technology, Aptly Marketplace, is the catalyst for meaningful connections that result in dignified, profitable business and life inclusion for the underserved. In short, Aptly will help your organization build your Access Provider (AP) Network and scale its diversity and inclusion efforts.

Fast + Strategic Scalability

  • Position – Position your company, your employees, culture, and operations strategically to profitably approach underserved market segments as contributing members of your company’s material success.
  • Build – Social Partner supply chain (the AP Network) and underserved audiences
    to scale through Aptly across markets.
  • Communicate – Extend product, programs, services, jobs, and community efforts
    directly to underserved target audiences through the AP Network
  • Transact – Profitable, targeted engagement unique to each underserved
    segment(s) of identified KPIs.
  • Measure – New underserved population market consumer segments into existing