A Human Capital Revolution

Every business is chasing the towering economic potential 1.5 million disabled workers can bring to their bottom line. If only it were easy. It is now. Welcome to InReturn Strategies.

Demand Drives Markets

Every business leader knows pulling is better than being pushed. Here, businesses connect with service providers to collaborate and create efficiencies and scale beneficial to both.

See, Simplify,

Inside our marketplace

The current system focuses on what people can't do, delivers one person at a time, and is misaligned with your business. Our marketplace illuminates for business what the disabled work force can do, to scale of your operational and performance goals.

The forest AND the trees

InReturn Strategies matches skills, service providers and other criteria - all through an easy-to-use web interface. Businesses identify and connect quickly to all necessary resources based on strategy and ROI.

Bigger returns. Less effort.

Until now, businesses have not been able to efficiently integrate the disabled. Likewise, service providers have not meaningfully tapped a pool of employers. InReturn Strategies is the missing link for both sides to achieve unprecedented success together.

Why companies & service
providers love InReturn Strategies.
What's in it
for business?
What's in it for
service providers?
  • Profitable engagement with the disabled
  • Generate higher returns with less effort
  • Control a single point of access to all segment of the disabled population
  • Efficiently match resource partners in any market
  • Diversity with measureable, capitalistic outcomes
  • Economic intiatives with a social bonus
  • Reduce the costs capturing employer demand
  • Increase employent program revenue
  • Reduce time of clients in unemployment
  • Match skills and services with demand efficiently
  • Translate social service into business value
A business solution
A single, simple-to-use marketplace

Our online platform reinvents and reconstructs the supply chain for disabled resources to make business better. While thousands of organizations go out of their way to help the disabled, only InReturn Strategies is customizing solutions directly tying these efforts to the bottom lines of both businesses and service providers.