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Working with your organization starts with understanding your organization. Your unique business model, structure, vision, mission, strategy, priorities, challenges, etc. We then strive to make our relationship and Inclusion approach both cost-effective and easy.


This is a visual of our working together process.


Both quantitative and qualitative metrics will be developed that are attainable and meaningful for your organization’s D & I – and overall – objectives.

Roles and Responsibilities
Our clients are unique in their D&I journeys. This means their expertise and structure will be unique as well. Our approach is to integrate our expertise and resources with yours as we collaborate to create truly great inclusion solutions.

Position your company, your employees, culture and operations strategically to profitably approach underserved market segments – including PWD – as contributing members of your organization’s material success

As much as we’d all love to solve all problems and leverage all opportunities at once, resource limits as well as a constantly changing environment dictate that we prioritize our efforts. We look at activities that will yield the highest impact while also prioritizing low-hanging fruit for much needed near-term wins.

Internal Education and Communication
Building much-needed internal buy-in among leadership and all associates is an ongoing effort. InReturn will be with you at every step of the implementation process to consistently and effectively educate and communicate your organization’s Inclusion goals, process and measurement.

Aptly Marketplace Implementation
Aptly Marketplace is the catalyst for meaningful connections that result in dignified, profitable business and life inclusion for the underserved. Aptly helps you quickly scale your AP network and facilitate your audience through it’s cloud-based, intuitive software platform.

Profitable, targeted engagement unique to each underserved segment(s) of identified KPIs.

Ongoing Program Management
After implementation of InReturn’s Life Inclusion approach and Aptly Marketplace platform, we will continue to help manage and monitor the ongoing process, measure results and make program adjustments where they are most meaningful.