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InReturn Strategies

Do You Only Appear to Be Inclusive?

Dignified. Profitable. Inclusion. Without leaving anyone behind. Once. And for ALL. (Including people with disabilities.)


InReturn’s transformational D&I model and online platform connects the value of underserved markets and talent directly into existing objectives as they are defined by your company in three key areas:

– Economic

– Brand

– Culture


Let’s face it. Current inclusion models promote endless awareness, one group at a time, and have continually fallen short on building the future we want. For anyone.

It is taking a lot off your bottom line to keep up appearances. Let’s start succeeding at Inclusion. Together.


Rapid D & I Profitability
We understand the problem your business needs to solve: How do I connect to and engage underserved populations as contributing members of my company’s success? At a scale that allows me to build sustainable growth for my customers, shareholders, and communities? InReturn’s solution starts with your existing profitability metrics. Inclusion is a result.


The Aptly Marketplace
You don’t need a special FTE leader, limit yourself to a few social sector partners, or create a special process for every single underserved population segment. For every market you operate in. You just need us. One solution.


To ensure all your products, services, programs, and jobs reach ALL. And that anyone in your company can engage them successfully as consumers and talent.


InReturn’s proprietary network technology, Aptly Marketplace, is the catalyst for meaningful connections that result in dignified, profitable business and life inclusion for the underserved. In short, Aptly will help your organization scale its diversity and inclusion efforts.

A (Redefined) Successful Life Inclusion Model

Introduction LIfe Inclusion

It's Easy to get Started

For Companies
Organizations are increasingly asking the question, “What are we getting back for the investment we continue to make in the D & I space?” These organizations desire to engage underserved populations both as consumers and organizational talent but lack the necessary visibility or mechanism to engage with these populations at scale.

Learn How InReturn Can Help


For Access Providers
Access Providers advocating for the inclusion of the disabled and
underserved are challenged with scalability and a traditional mindset of
employers who hire underserved and disabled people largely to satisfy
organizational D & I objectives, rather than treating the underserved and
disabled person as a critical, everyday part of driving business.

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Dignified. Profitable. Inclusion.

InReturn Strategies is a Diversity and Inclusion Consulting and Technology firm that helps companies move from merely appearing inclusive, to implementing a D&I model and technology platform that allows them to lead and drive meaningful, profitable long-term value for everyone – the underserved, access providers, business shareholders and the community at large.

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