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Dignified. Profitable. Inclusion.

Headquartered in Leawood, Kansas, InReturn Strategies was founded in 2012 to deliver a paradigm-shifting business solution to help companies strengthen their Diversity and Inclusion model to better impact everyday organizational objectives.

Company principals Jim Atwater and Scott Brouillette found that companies were increasingly asking the question, “What are we getting back for the investment we continue to make in the D & I space?” Atwater and Brouillette discovered these organizations desire to engage underserved populations both as consumers and organizational talent but lack the necessary visibility or mechanism to engage with these populations at scale.

In response, InReturn Strategies is redefining inclusion success through its unique combination of expertise, technology and keen focus on strategies to achieve profitable inclusion for all concerned – the underserved, access providers, business shareholders and communities at large. The process starts by helping companies break the cycle of pouring valuable resources into inclusion programs that limit results to simply appearing inclusive – through hiring practices, sponsorships, charitable outreach, etc. – rather than redefining the purpose, execution and scale of inclusion through unique expertise and a single technology platform that allows companies to lead and drive meaningful, profitable long-term value for all concerned.

The company has developed key relationships with organizations like Beechmont Auto Group and the Cincinnati Reds. These organizations recognized the critical need to tie D & I efforts directly to their mainstream business goals.